Dear Friends,
Thanks for your interest in the Cedar Creek Custom Case Shoppe. At Cedar Creek, we believe that things should be done the way they were in the past, when quality of workmanship was most important. We take great pride in the quality of our musical instrument cases. Cedar Creek craftsmen take the time to create each case as if it were their own. Our goal is to help our customers design and build a case that is unique to their individual style. You, the customer, are welcome to create a look, which will be unlike any other musical instrument case. We invite you to choose from various options, including a selection of exterior, interior and hardware materials. We do ask that you provide a dimension sheet, options chart and a full size tracing for any instrument, which may require a custom case design.

Thanks again for taking the time to browse our site. Feel free to check out our build your own case feature. Please let us know if you have
any questions.

Cedar Creek Custom Case Shoppe

Build Your Case

Build your customizied guitar case with this Flash Tool

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